Generation Z is the largest and most diverse generation in American history. YouthRoots asked young leaders how the world would be different if people actually listened to what youth had to say. Almost every respondent said the world would be more accepting and inclusive. Young people are natural leaders in the movement for equity, and the rest of us should be elevating their voices. 

This letter summarizes their responses.

Youth today represent the most diverse and accepting generation that has ever existed. Because we’ve grown up in a time of radical change in demographics, policies, and leadership, our generation is more accepting, tolerant, and diverse than any generation before us. 

If our voices were amplified:

  • People of all genders, races, and sexual orientations would be treated with the same respect and dignity.
  • The world would be more open to new ideas and different ways of thinking.
  • We would live in a more inclusive and open-minded world than we could ever dream of.
  • The world would be safer for everyone. All people would be able to live without fear because of who they are.
  • Vulnerable and unheard populations would benefit because of the limitless empathy of youth.
  • We could find new solutions that benefit everyone.
  • We could help our wider communities move past stereotypes and biases that inhibit individuals and society from reaching their full potential.

Our generation cherishes diversity. We value bringing together different groups of people to celebrate and learn from our diverse experiences, backgrounds, and strengths. We are leaders, and we are hungry for change. Our role is to take action and we are doing it every day. 

We live the movement for equity.